GPO Topaz Yellow 746 Telephone

Product code: BP1268

Product information

This telephone is a genuine vintage 1970s GPO topaz yellow 746 tabletop rotary dial telephone.  The telephone chassis is a pre-owned unit, a new case, handset shell, dial surround, blanking button and colour-coordinated cables have been added to give the telephone an 'as new' appearance.

Each phone dial has been cleaned and lubricated to ensure that it performs correctly, we have performed dial out and in tests, bell adjustments have been made to ensure the best possible ring, telephone bases have been sprayed with Hammerite as the original metal bases were showing signs of age (some phones are from the early 1970s, so almost half a century old).

This telephone uses analogue (pulse) dialling technology, please ensure with your service provider that this equipment is compatible with your telephone line before ordering.    If you are planning to connect this telephone to a Virgin Media hub, then the BT to RJ11 adaptor they provide will work, but the phone won't ring - this is because it doesn’t incorporate a ringing capacitor.  To deal with this, we have sourced a different adaptor which looks very similar to the Virgin one but ours does have the capacitor.  

We are very happy to answer questions, but we are not expert in all the various telecoms companies now out there and cannot say that the phone will definitely work in anything other than a standard BT/Virgin Media phone socket or in a Virgin Super Hub (with the adaptor as mentioned). 

Technical specifications

Colour Topaz Yellow
Brand GPO
Condition Refurbished
Product Code BP1268
Weight 2kg