GPO Brown Telephone Handset Cable

Product code: BP1071

Product information

A brown replacement coiled (or 'curly') telephone handset cable, designed for use with all GPO/BT 700 series telephones (GPO 706, GPO 710, GPO 711, GPO 740, GPO 741, GPO/BT 746, 756, 764, 772 X-Press Call Maker & Post Office Telecommunications 782 telephones).

The handset cable measures 30cms (unextended), with a nominal weight of 45g. Available in a choice of eight colours - black, brown, concord blue, elephant grey, green, ivory, lacquer red and topaz yellow.

Each handset cable terminates in four spade terminals with a rubber grommet with a twist/fit for the handset and square grooved fitting to hold it firmly in place to the telephone chassis.

The brown 746 (8746) telephone was introduced by British Telecommunications PLC in 1982 and the colour is often confused with the more common elephant grey. If ordering brown items, please ensure you don't need elephant grey instead!

Technical specifications

Colour Brown
Brand Britphone
Condition New
Product Code BP1071